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How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Copyrights and industrial property makes up intellectual property.  

While copyrights cover literary and artistic works as novels, poems, plays, films, artistic works, architectural designs, and other musical works, industrial property includes: 1 patent 2 trademarks 3 industrial designs, and 4 geographic indications of source. Not only to promote uniqueness, intellectual property laws also benefit the inventors by rewarding them for their innovation and creativity.

In addition, as these laws encourage creativity, the society as a whole will benefit from the wide range of products and services that are/will be produced.

For businesses, intellectual property is the ideas that build any corporation or business entity; from management to logos and layouts, you will find various factors that can make up the entirety of any business-related creative property. As much as we want to keep our precious property our OWN, there still holds a potential for it to be stolen or used improperly by others.

Fortunately, there are ways to be taken in order to protect intellectual property and your hard-thought work.  Today, intellectual property protection consists of protecting ‘legally’ any work, which can range from simple things like slogans to more complex ideas like unique products. As it makes your business unique (which in return makes it stand out from the crowd and eventually reaching your customers), therefore it is a must to ensure your intellectual property is protected.

Common forms of property protection include using patents. Patents are rights bestowed to you by the government to ensure nobody else can manufacture, sell, or make your product. If you’re developing a particular product or item for sale, then patents can be very helpful. The same can be said to inventors; patents will give a new product a certain limited amount of time in which the creator may prevent other people from making, selling, and using the product without authorisation.

Increasingly becoming popular today, copyrighting is also a form of intellectual property protection. Copyright protection will enable creators to control who can copy a certain creation and work. It typically applies to literary works.

The third most common form of property protection is nondisclosure agreements. The agreement will ensure people you worked with cannot share pertinent information about the business with anyone else or with potential competitors. Nondisclosure agreements can be very helpful to protect yourself (or the company) against former employees or business partners.

Trademarks, as an intellectual property protection, are used in order to protect the distinctive attributes/features that differs one product from another, such as colors, symbols, signs, smells, sounds, names, and brands. Trademarks are divided into two major types, the registered trademarks and non-registered trademarks.

Most businesses today use the law of confidence in order to protect confidential information from misuse and use by unauthorized or external parties. The confidential information can be in the form of the following: – Any and all ideas – Training material – Design – Policies While domain names have become the trademarks of modern day businesses (which is more economical and simpler as compared with obtaining trademarks), design rights are used in order to prevent others from copying or adapting the design conceptualized by a person or an organisation. Registering designs are comparatively simpler and easier than that of patents or trademarks.

A violation of any trademark, patent, or copyright laws stipulate the grounds for an intellectual property lawsuit. Consult a qualified lawyer in your area should you deem you have been victimised in any of the intellectual property areas. To keep and protect all your inventive/innovative ideas and creative practices within your business, these forms of property protection certainly can help you.

Protect your property, know your rights, and sail into the creative world with confidence! Need advice on the best way to protect your business’s valuable Intellectual Property? Then speak to an experienced lawyer who is used to dealing with such matters.  Greg Eliades is able to assist you with all this.

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